Thursday, September 20th 2018

Hiring an Attorney

Why might I need a lawyer?

Sometimes the need for legal services is obvious: you’ve just been injured in a car accident, you’re starting a new business and need to file the appropriate paperwork, the police are at your door with a warrant, or you need to file for bankruptcy.

Sometimes the need for legal services is not immediately obvious. For example, you’ve just been offered a new job, but your new employer wants you to sign a slew of documents. Do you understand the implications of a work-for-hire-agreement? A non-solicitation clause? Non-compete agreement? Or perhaps you’ve just had a baby. What would happen to your child if you and your partner were to suddenly die or become incapicitated? Or maybe you’re about to make an offer on that dream house. Did you know that in many states offers are legally binding?

Legal services are a little bit like medicine: sometimes you take it to cure problems and sometimes you take it to prevent problems. Here are just a few times and ways in which legal services might be in order:

Life Events such as:

  • Marriage – pre-nuptial agreement, wills, estate planning.
  • Divorce – contested divorces, mediation, custody issues, alimony, child support, visitation
  • Birth, adoption, foster care – wills, adoption proceedings, guardianship appointments.
  • Home Purchase – offers, contingencies, purchase and sale agreements, closings, title disputes, inspections.
  • Illness – living wills, health care proxies.
  • Death – probate, wills, estate planning.

Business Events

  • Formation of new business – incorporation, partnership agreements, stock options, benefit plans, tax implications, corporate structure.
  • Employment issues – hiring, firing, employee handbooks, employment applications, employment policies, harassment, discrimination, employment agreements, non competition agreements, non disclosure agreements, confidentiality agreements.
  • Contracts – contract drafting and review, breach of contract, enforcement, arbitration, mediation.
  • Business disputes – consumer protection cases, trademark, patent, copyright, partnership disputes.
  • Business dissolution – wind-down, bankruptcy, sale of assets, mergers, acquisitions.
  • E-commerce – startup, financing, intellectual property protection, internet law, contracting, partnering agreements.

Other Events

  • Personal Injury – you’ve been injured as the result of someone else’s actions.
  • Discriminatory practices – your employer is engaging in discriminatory or harassing behavior towards you.
  • Criminal defense – you’ve been charged with a crime or drunk driving.

As you can see, these are just a few of the many occasions when lawyers can help you understand and protect your rights as well as solve problems before they arise. To help find a lawyer with these, or any other legal issues you might have, just submit a request for services here at where we have hundreds of attorneys across the nation ready to help you.



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