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“Everybody at the Shore Definitely Knows ‘The Situation’.”

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It’s okay…you can admit it. You’re addicted – along with the rest of America.  MTV’s Jersey Shore has become yet another one of our guility pleasures. All the fist pumping, the faux tanning and the quote-worthy commentary – you just cannot get enough.

One person who HAS had enough of the show? New Jersey Senator, and chairman of the New Jersey Italian American Legislative Caucus,  Joseph Vitale. Senator Vitale,  sent a letter to Viacom (MTV’s parent company) and requested that Jersey Shore be pulled off the air. “Rather than profit off ethnic stereotypes and derogatory myths about Italian Americans, MTV and its parent company, Viacom, should do the socially responsible thing and pull the plug on Jersey Shore.”  Clearly, to the Senator, Jersey Shore is actually offensive – not just another form of MTV programming genius.

To add to the controversey, Senator Vitale also prompted an investigation regarding wage laws and incomes taxes. On the show, the cast members live rent-free , all in exchange for working at one of the shops on the Shore. The Senator stated that he wants to ensure that no tax laws are being violated.

So, can this show be deemed derogatory and offensive if it actually mimics true life? I once had a friend who was Italian, vacationed in Seaside Heights every summer (where the show takes place) and took pride in the way his hair would spike-up perfectly. Seriously. After watching the first episode (and with my aforementioned friend in mind), it never occured to me that the characters depicted in Jersey Shore were offensive ”stereotypes”. Instead,  I, along with other bloggers, regarded the cast member’s actions and personalities as true-to-life and in no way derogatory.

MTV agrees. In response to Senatore Vitale, MTV issued a statement defending the show and stating that it “represents just one aspect of youth culture.” And, what actually makes Jersey Shore any different than all of the other MTV reality shows? Think about Real World, The Hills, Making The Band, etc.   Isn’t it fair to say that each of these shows gained popularity due to various ethnic and/or gender stereotypes – to some extent? This is exactly what MTV has always thrived on all these years.

Jersey Shore is just another attempt for MTV to gain sky-high ratings and provide a new form of entertainment to its viewers, not to portray Italian-Americans in a negative light. Senator Vitale should realize this and embrace the show. Afterall, how else would we be privy to such crucial information, like the G.T.L. Rule?  (That’s Gym, Tan, Laundry.  Yup.)

Posted by Melanie on January 15, 2010 at 9 am.

4 Responses to ““Everybody at the Shore Definitely Knows ‘The Situation’.””

  1. avatar admin says:

    C’mon Senator, really…? He should get a life just enjoy the show for what it is, staged entertainment…I don’t see him passing a resolution condemning reruns of the Archie Bunker Show or the Jeffersons.

  2. avatar Emily says:

    You speak the truth Ms. Mel! It’s all entertainment and, truth be told, stereotypes ARE entertaining. You can’t look away. It’s intriguing and exotic for many. And yes, that IS the Shore. It’s so reality I can’t even stand it. So, let it shine!

  3. avatar Pam says:

    Talk about censorship issues.

  4. avatar Michele says:

    Reality shows – even though they all seem pretty contrived anymore – don’t get any better than this one. I’m looking forward to another season – but I just read or heard somewhere that the cast members want a $10,000 per episode fee or they won’t be coming back. $100,000 x 7 or 8 roommates – not to mention production costs? Will it be worth it to the network? Probably. I’ll watch…

    Also, thanks for the connecting link to the website under Jersey Shore for my snarky recaps for each episode. I went back over the recaps of the entire season and saw a TON of typos and I initially called Ronnie Donnie for a while. Apparently my editor (me) needs a pay raise??? Slacker. Maybe I’ll ask for $10,000 oer episode to recap the show so I can hire my own editor.

    Thanks again!!!

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