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American Airlines bankruptcy

We all remember “Captain Sully” and his seemingly miraculous safe landing of an airliner in the Hudson River several years ago. He maneuvered the airplane expertly at just the right angle and with just the right speed to glide…

American Airlines and Chapter 11 Bankruptcy


As you have probably heard, businesses and law firms are slashing costs at every level.  Unfortunately, this does not mean cost-cutting starts or ends with the elimination of frills like entertainment expense accounts and bonuses, either.  Your friends are…

Layoffs and Your New Job Title(s): Overworked and Underpaid

digital afterlifeegg

How many online accounts do you have? Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, YouTube, LinkedIn, blogs, online banking, email—the list goes on. Because of this, you may stick around for a lot longer than you had planned. Many new companies, like…

Digital Afterlife: What Happens to Your Online Accounts After You’re Gone?



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Check out this video to learn about the complexities of filing for bankruptcy.

Posted by Jennifer on August 19, 2010 at 4:52pm.

Video: Filing for Personal Bankruptcy

While the Constitution does grant rights to free speech andfree assembly, there are limits on the content, time, place and manner of protests. It is important to remember these restrictions when protesting in order to get your message across safely and avoid going to jail.

How to Protest Peacefully And Effectively

Check out this informational video about divorce law to understand the difference between “fault” and “no-fault” divorce.

Video: Divorce Law

The Supreme Court ruled against Quon and established a new legal standard for these kinds of privacy cases.

Supreme Court: Employee Issued Cell Phones Not Protected Under Privacy Rights

With the Arizona immigration law set to go into effect July 29, many people are still confused and divided about the issue that has been making headlines for months.

Arizona Immigration Update: Federal Lawsuit Aims To Strike Down Law

As soon as the internet made file-sharing possible, the movie and music industries have struggled to control a lawless corner of cyberspace that threatened their profits.

Piracy issues surround a recent Twilight case

The Daily Tackle will be taking a short break while we upgrade our blog. Please enjoy the The Daily Tackle Rewind video while we’re away!

Video: The Daily Tackle Rewind

A college freshman created an apparel line, South Butt, with a humorous connection to North Face. But, did manipulating the North Face logo violate copyright?

The Difference Between “Face” and “Butt”

There have been some new developments in Jack Kirby’s estate’s battle with Marvel over copyright issues related to the X-Men franchise.

Can Disney Take Down X-Men?

With recent appeals to the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, gay soldiers should no longer face the threat of discharge if they choose to “tell”.

“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Appeal, Gays in the Military Seek More Rights

David Byrne is suing Charlie Crist, a Florida politician, for unauthorized use of his song “Road to Nowhere” in a political ad.

David Byrne: Music Copyright Update

While lyric stealing can seem a little more cut and dry, there are only 12 notes in the musical scales; when does similarity cross the line into outright thievery?

Musical Copyright, Sampling or Stealing?

Check out LegalFish’s very first YouTube video about how to find an attorney!

Video: How to Find an Attorney

Caught up on the newest solution to the BP oil spill being attempted (with terms like “top kill” “junk shot” and “top hat”) most failed to see the bigger picture.

BP Oil Spill: Drilling Past Terminology, into Company’s Responsibilities
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The divorce rate in the United States is often cited as at least 50 percent, a daunting statistic for those considering marriage. However, the most recent census data puts the figure a bit lower, around 36 percent. Despite the…

Virtual Visitation: Keeping Divorced Parents and Kids In Touch

Eavesdropping may sound like harmless fodder for Jane Austen novels and nosy neighbors. However, recording conversations can be considered an invasion of privacy—and not just conversations where the participants don’t know they’re being recorded. This can be an issue…

Eavesdropping: What Are Your Rights?

It could be said that Wikileaks is an equal opportunity whistleblower. It has leaked documents not only against the United States government, but also the Somali government, Kenyan leaders, Swiss bank Julius Baer, the Church of Scientology, Sarah Palin,…

Wikileaks: Journalists Protected by Free Speech or Criminals Compromising National Security?


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